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By registering and establishing your account with BuilderDepot, you hereby agree to:

  • Honor all financial transactions between BuilderDepot and you
  • Honor all financial transactions between BuilderDepot's customers and you

You agree to make reimbursements to BuilderDepot and its customers in a timely manner for returns and not jeopardizing BuilderDepot's relationship with you or the customer. BuilderDepot agrees to make timely payments to you for products ordered from you. Once you receive product orders and collect payment, or agree to otherwise, you are obligated to ship products in a timely manner as requested by BuilderDepot or its customers. The same holds for product returns. BuilderDepot provides you with the option to establish credit line whereby you invoice BuildeDepot. We pay via check or direct bank deposit every 2 weeks for all invoices due up to 10 days in advance. We do not use or process credit card payments. We can accept your invoices via fax, email, or EDI/XML/FTP. We discourage paper invoices.

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